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Community and beyond!


Challah Bakes

Join a group or bring your family and be a part of the thousands of Challas that have come out of the Kulanu Yachad kitchen!
Beginners can enjoy learning how to make challah while experienced challah bakers can learn new tricks.

Inspiring Seminars

Sometimes a weekend away is the perfect remedy for a spiritual recharge. Make new friends, hear from some of the world's most prestigious lecturers, and enjoy the beauty of Shabbos.


Chesed Initiatives

You never know when you may need a little help. Kulanu Yachad provides food and care packages, hospital visits, and community assistance.

One-on-One Learning

Sometimes the best answers come when you have the freedom to ask the right questions. Kulanu Yachad provides study partners for any topic. Explore classic works or delve into contemporary ideas.

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Shabbos Hospitality

Kulanu assists families who find themselves needing a place for Shabbos. From medical visitors to traveling students, we help everybody find a Shabbos that can be their home away from home.

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Holiday Events

The presence of family, friends, and warmth makes every holiday experience a memorable one. Join us for wonderful meals, uplifting celebrations, and the opportunity to rise higher.  

Questions? Send us a message here.

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